2017 and all that

Wow! It’s been quite a year for The Candies!  We started 2017 thinking that we’d worked really hard in 2016 and we were hoping to reap the rewards.  It’s always difficult starting a new group… you have to prove yourselves and build your reputation and that can take time but we’d made a great start and we were feeling very positive.

We certainly didn’t anticipate what followed!  It started with our AMAZING three days on board the super yacht NERO at the Barcelona International Yacht Show and it ended with a residency aboard one the the 5* ships in Bordeaux.  In between we’ve had weddings and parties that have seen us travelling across France, we’ve covered 1000’s of kilometres and stayed and performed in some amazing venues,  we’ve met beautiful people from around the globe, said goodbye to Lynn and welcomed the fabulous Lora and picked up an agent to represent us!  We could not have predicted the year we’ve had!

2018 has a lot to live up to and our diary is filling up nicely with more fabulous Candy adventures.  To make sure we’re ready we’ve been super busy changing and updating our song list.  We’re keeping the most popular songs of course,  we’ve added some new fabulous dance floor fillers and we’ve thrown in a handful of contemporary hits too, to ensure we have something for everyone.  And… we’re finally going into the studio in January 2018 and our recordings and video will be ready shortly after.

The Candies have big plans but we know that we could not have come this far without the support and kind words of our friends, families and Candy fans… honestly we can’t tell you how much your encouragement and enthusiasm has meant to us.

We would like to raise a glass to you all and say thank you very, very much and wish you all a fabulous Christmas filled with champagne, sequins, music and joy…  and we’ll be seeing you in 2018!


Busy Repeating…

September is usually a quieter month… the peak wedding season is over and as the school holidays draw to an end then things calm down a little… HAHA!  Not for Candies!

We’ve had a busy, busy month and last week we had two repeat visits… another party night a La Charrue and a trip back to Bordeaux.

What can we say?!  We love our job… and there are still a few more parties to go before we take a little autumn holiday… and prepare for Christmas and 2018!

Pimms and Prosecco

A few days ago we had an email from a Irish couple… could we do a last minute vin d’honneur at the beautiful Chateau de la Durantie.  The Candies love weddings so how could we say no.  With a quick flurry of emails, arrangements were made and today we arrived at the chateau on the most beautiful of sunny of Dordogne days.


The bride and over 100 guests left for the church and we changed and made ready… and at the given hour the cars arrived, along with many beautiful bridesmaids, men in suits, pretty children and the entire wedding party… followed by our beautiful blushing bride!

The bride’s father came to say hello and told us that he loved Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy… and that we should prepare to sing it more than once.  In the end we sang it three times, the last time with the her father making up the ranks!  And then we sang a few encores before the wedding party were ushered into dinner.

This may have been a last minute wedding for The Candies but not the bride and groom… today’s was a stunning wedding!  Durantie as always was fabulous!  The guests delightful… and even if we say so ourselves, The Candies did pretty darn well too!

We do love a good wedding!