Gold and Alchemy

This Saturday’s wedding was another joint venture with our REPLAY chums.  Colleen performed during the Ceremony, The Candies entertained during the Vin D’honneur and REPLAY played after dinner.

The venue was in the north of the Dordogne in the village of Jumilhac Le Grand.  The village lies on the road followed by Richard the Lionheart and is also on one of the many branches of the Camino de Santiago pilgrim route.

The venue was the impressive Château de Jumilhac; a national monument with a rich history.  The castle was at first a 12th-century feudal fortress that has been rebuilt and increased many times; most notably in the 17th century during the Renaissance, when new roofs were added that are unique in France. These roofs have enhanced the reputation of the castle, also known as the “Black Pearl” of the Green Périgord for its distinctive black ridge tiles.

The first count of Jumilhac was an alchemist and whilst Gold and Alchemy was forbidden at the time, The Count left clues of his alchemy around the chateau.

Disaster almost ruined the day when Colleen suffered a tyre problem en-route but her Brother-in-law came to the rescue to ensure all was ready in time!  And whilst the weather didn’t play it’s part, today’s wedding was still fabulous… and what a beautiful bride!

A couple of footnotes… First a big hello to Lydia and Laura, brilliant wedding photgraphers and also the nicest folks you could wish to meet! And whilst maybe we shouldn’t blow our own trumpet our Fabulous Vintage set is always a huge hit at weddings… so if you’re looking for something a little bit different, totally fabulous and a little bit Vintage then you should get in touch!



Garden Party Party

We met todays couple a few months ago at one of our campsite gigs (they’d seen us previously and already booked us for their wedding) and they dropped by backstage to introduce themselves.  Their wedding had been planned as an informal affair in the garden of the village house… and whilst it was informal, it was also rather special.

Some French village houses can have quite compact gardens and as we arrived we did wonder if we were in for a difficult get in…. oh but Candies you should not have worried!  We walked through the terraces close to the house and were led through a beautiful garden that opened up into a fabulous area, bedecked with balloons and flowers and marquees… and a view of the rolling Charente hills that you would find hard to better… WOW!

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It’s no secret that The Candies love a little vintage.  We love the music, the fashion, the styling… even the lipstick! and it appears we’re not alone. Today I read an article on about the five hottest trends in 2017… and you guessed it…  Vintage is # 2!  They say that the vintage wedding trend is still going strong, with vintage styling and old style Hollywood glamour remaining as popular as ever. Continue reading “VINTAGE!!”

Shade With a View

We first met Aurelie and Olivier in February to discuss their wedding plans.  As is often the case with French weddings, today’s couple held their legal wedding ceremony at the local Mairie.  Following this, they arrived in style with their huge entourage of family and friends for a ceremony in the gardens of the ancient church at St Privet de Pres.

The Candy Stripes were to provide the music during the vin d’honneur and we arrived early and installed under the shade of some trees and waited for the wedding party to arrive.


We had been given a schedule of the day… the couple had asked us to play their favourite tunes over the PA during the arrival of the bridesmaids, the arrival of the groom and groomsmen and of course the arrival of the bride… I have no idea why, but I felt quite nervous standing there waiting to press the button!  We take our role in the wedding day seriously, we know that we’re part of the thread that will bind together the memories of this special day and we want our part to be just perfect.

We stood in the shade and watched this beautiful ceremony unfold.  Friends and family came and spoke of their love for the bride and groom… friends hugged, parents teared up and we felt very privileged to just be there.

At the end the bride cheered APEROES and that was our cue to start… two hours of fabulously vintage, toe tapping, champagne popping music.


This beautiful day was captured by Neil Cooling at Neil Cooling Photography – who very kindly allows us to use some of his very beautiful photographs in our blog!

French Wedding

Several months ago we were contacted by a French couple who LOVE everything vintage and retro; they wanted a Candy Wedding and of course… Candies being Candies… we had to say yes.

The wedding was held at the Domaine équestre de Lauzerte, which is a large complex with a Salle de Fetes, several mobile homes and holiday chalets and many, many horses!  We arrived during a storm and sadly the rain continued on and off throughout day but this didn’t dampen anyones spirits.

At midnight we stopped and watched as the newly weds held aloft an enormous cake whilst all the wedding guests danced under it.

It’s called La Danse de la Brioche.  It’s a special Vendee wedding tradition. The bride and groom are presented with a giant brioche, often weighing more than 20 pounds, on a platter which they and their guests must hold aloft as they dance to prove their strength!

We ended our evening around 01:30 although the party continued into the wee small hours.  We however, wandered back to our chalet and slept soundly!

Fabulously Vintage

Whether your event is a champagne reception, a corporate event, networking meeting or pre-dinner Christmas drinks, a vibrant yet subtle atmosphere is essential to welcome your guests or clients. The Candies charm your guests with up to two hours of close harmonies and popular hits.

The fabulously Vintage set is smooth and subtle; predominantly and shamelessly vintage with a sprinkling of 50’s and 60’s classic Motown harmonies. Always ambient, never intrusive and 100% fabulous!


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Barcelona Baby!

From the 24th to the 27th April 2017, OneOcean Port Vell, Barcelona will host the 29th MYBA Charter Show. This is one of the most important international exhibitions dedicated to Charter professionals and Superyachts.

And why does this concern The Candies?  Well one of the show’s prestigious exhibitors, Bluewater Yacht Charter, is hosting a very modern afternoon tea party… three actually… and they have booked The Candy Stripes to deliver our rather fabulous champagne set.

We’ll be performing on three consecutive days on the MY Nero… which has recently been nominated as a finalist in the World Superyacht Awards 2017.

The Candies travel across France and the UK and we’ve performed at some amazing venues… but we have to admit we’re more than a little excited with this booking!