Gold and Alchemy

This Saturday’s wedding was another joint venture with our REPLAY chums.  Colleen performed during the Ceremony, The Candies entertained during the Vin D’honneur and REPLAY played after dinner.

The venue was in the north of the Dordogne in the village of Jumilhac Le Grand.  The village lies on the road followed by Richard the Lionheart and is also on one of the many branches of the Camino de Santiago pilgrim route.

The venue was the impressive Château de Jumilhac; a national monument with a rich history.  The castle was at first a 12th-century feudal fortress that has been rebuilt and increased many times; most notably in the 17th century during the Renaissance, when new roofs were added that are unique in France. These roofs have enhanced the reputation of the castle, also known as the “Black Pearl” of the Green Périgord for its distinctive black ridge tiles.

The first count of Jumilhac was an alchemist and whilst Gold and Alchemy was forbidden at the time, The Count left clues of his alchemy around the chateau.

Disaster almost ruined the day when Colleen suffered a tyre problem en-route but her Brother-in-law came to the rescue to ensure all was ready in time!  And whilst the weather didn’t play it’s part, today’s wedding was still fabulous… and what a beautiful bride!

A couple of footnotes… First a big hello to Lydia and Laura, brilliant wedding photgraphers and also the nicest folks you could wish to meet! And whilst maybe we shouldn’t blow our own trumpet our Fabulous Vintage set is always a huge hit at weddings… so if you’re looking for something a little bit different, totally fabulous and a little bit Vintage then you should get in touch!



Welcome Aboard!

It would seem that The Candies are destined for a life on the waves… or at least on board!  Last week we were asked if we could do a last minute booking on one of the luxury river cruise ships, docked in Bordeaux.

Onboard, our ship boasted luxurious staterooms, a stunning main lounge and piano bar, a fabulous dining room and even a fitness room, sauna, walking tracks, a whirlpool and a hair salon… indeed it was rather special.


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With These Clogs…

It’s August and that means if you’re a musician working in France you are going to be crazy busy… but YEAH!  We love to be busy!

Over this last week we’ve had a wedding, an anniversary party and a special evening to celebrate the opening of a restaurant/bar… travelling from the north of the Dordogne, down to the Gers and then north again into the Deux Sevres!


At the last gig we met some wonderful folks that waited patiently for our performance… in the unseasonal rain; we had to love their commitment to The Candies!  And at the end of the evening a couple from Holland (who also asked us if we’d go to Holland) gave Lynn a pair of minature clogs… They told us we had to keep them with us when we gig and that they will bring us good luck!  Lets say we’re going to follow that advice… we like long distance travel so maybe they’ll bring us a few more international bookings!

We have a few days rest now, actually a week’s holiday before two more weddings and a campsite… but these Candies wouldn’t have it any other way!