Rain Didn’t Stop Play

Back in January we were contacted by La Charrue; a Dordogne restaurant, holiday complex and campsite that hosts many great music events throughout the summer.  We were really pleased to get the booking because this is a really popular music venue and they’ve built a great outdoor stage and eating/dancing area in their grounds.

Our plan was to start with a few of our Fabulously Vintage songs as guests settled and ate their dinner… and then glide into Motown and Disco as the night progressed.

But then the weather changed. It rained and rained for 4 days (it felt like 40!).  We kept our fingers crossed for sunshine but Friday arrived and still the rain continued.   We  waited for the call to postpone but instead La Charrue told us they never cancel and instead they moved us inside.

Storms and torrential rain continued and we half expected to be singing to ourselves but not at all!  The restaurant filled and folks danced and sang the night away with us.  We genuinely had a wonderful evening.  Folks your enthusiasm and kind words are the fuel that keeps us singing and apparently we will be back again sometime in the future!



Here are some of the kind words that appeared on Facebook after the party…

These girls are just fab! They’re the whole package, fun, talented, energetic. They will make any party go with a swing!

We had a great time last night at La Charrue music was absolutely brilliant very professional everyone danced the night away the sign of a good Trio and the food too was delish!!!!!!!

What a FANTASTIC NIGHT we’ve had …Candy Stripes we’re BRILLIANT …….please watch this space as we will definately be having them back

It was a great night, one of the best yet….and that’s saying something!!

Fanbloodytastic x

Fabulous night. XXXXX

We must have the Candy Stripes back, they are such fun and so talented.

I loved loved loved the evening 😀 must book another xx

Great Food, Great Music, Great Company, Great Entertainment La Charrue does it Again…

And here’s a little video made up from the mobile phone footage we’ve been sent.  Many Thanks La Charrue for a great evening!


Breathe In

Tonight we’re back at Etang Vallier Resort, providing music at The Clubhouse beside this very popular lake and holiday park.

When we arrived they told us that they were expecting a full house… as all the tables were booked.  In reality many more folks arrived and more and more tables were installed beside the lake… we were told at the end of the night that perhaps 400 folks had turned up and danced the night away with us!

We installed ourselves in the corner of the deck, not too close to folks that were eating (although in the end all the tables were moved).  We started gently with a few of our Vintage numbers before heading off into party territory.

It wasn’t long before the first couple hit the dance floor and as the evening progressed more and more folks joined them.  The evening was rocking, so much so that we decided to not break our set, but to simply keep singing.

And sing we did… French, Spanish, Dutch, Belgian, British and Polish (at least) all danced and sang together to the fabulous, international music that Motown is.

The dance floor was beyond full! And we had the BEST time!  We love our music and we love it when the audience does too!  We’re back again next month and we hope to repeat the fun!