Cats and Dogs… and more Dogs

The Candies are lucky… in that we get to travel around France (and beyond) and we get to sing in some rather swanky venues!  But that doesn’t mean that we’re not happy to sing in more humble abodes too.

On a scale of one to ten, Dawn is an eleven when it comes to caring for dogs and animals… Lynn is pretty much up there too (I’m more of a cat girl myself).  All three of us have pets that we have rehomed from various shelters.  So when ORFEE asked if we could help them with a fundraising event, how could we refuse?

We arrived in the little village of  Saint-Martial-Viveyrol in the Dordogne to a pretty little restaurant called Chez Moran.  The owner was also pulling out all the stops to squeeze in all the ORFEE supporters and the restaurant team worked like trojans all night ensuring everyone had food and drink!

We took to our little stage as desserts were being served and slowly but surely folks joined us on the dance floor.  As more dancers appeared, tables were pushed back to make room and at the end of the evening it was full!

I don’t know how much money was raised but we understand it was a lot!  We’re glad to have been part of this special evening… well done to all the organisers!

A Dog Called Orfée

One day in 2009 an emaciated, abandoned dog was taken to a local French dog pound. No one knew his history and no one really cared. Without someone coming to help or reclaim him, he would soon be taken away and put to sleep – just like thousands of other unwanted, mistreated and unclaimed dogs.

But, fortunately for him someone did come – they took him home, cared for him, loved him and named him “Orfée”. Through this one act of compassion and kindness, the seed of hope for future dogs was sown and the French ‘Association Orfée’ was founded. It paved the way for many hundreds of dogs who have been helped and saved since that day in 2009, and our intention is to carry on saving as many “doggie” lives as possible.

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