Pimms and Prosecco

A few days ago we had an email from a Irish couple… could we do a last minute vin d’honneur at the beautiful Chateau de la Durantie.  The Candies love weddings so how could we say no.  With a quick flurry of emails, arrangements were made and today we arrived at the chateau on the most beautiful of sunny of Dordogne days.


The bride and over 100 guests left for the church and we changed and made ready… and at the given hour the cars arrived, along with many beautiful bridesmaids, men in suits, pretty children and the entire wedding party… followed by our beautiful blushing bride!

The bride’s father came to say hello and told us that he loved Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy… and that we should prepare to sing it more than once.  In the end we sang it three times, the last time with the her father making up the ranks!  And then we sang a few encores before the wedding party were ushered into dinner.

This may have been a last minute wedding for The Candies but not the bride and groom… today’s was a stunning wedding!  Durantie as always was fabulous!  The guests delightful… and even if we say so ourselves, The Candies did pretty darn well too!

We do love a good wedding!