Cats and Dogs… and more Dogs

The Candies are lucky… in that we get to travel around France (and beyond) and we get to sing in some rather swanky venues!  But that doesn’t mean that we’re not happy to sing in more humble abodes too.

On a scale of one to ten, Dawn is an eleven when it comes to caring for dogs and animals… Lynn is pretty much up there too (I’m more of a cat girl myself).  All three of us have pets that we have rehomed from various shelters.  So when ORFEE asked if we could help them with a fundraising event, how could we refuse?

We arrived in the little village of  Saint-Martial-Viveyrol in the Dordogne to a pretty little restaurant called Chez Moran.  The owner was also pulling out all the stops to squeeze in all the ORFEE supporters and the restaurant team worked like trojans all night ensuring everyone had food and drink!

We took to our little stage as desserts were being served and slowly but surely folks joined us on the dance floor.  As more dancers appeared, tables were pushed back to make room and at the end of the evening it was full!

I don’t know how much money was raised but we understand it was a lot!  We’re glad to have been part of this special evening… well done to all the organisers!

A Dog Called Orfée

One day in 2009 an emaciated, abandoned dog was taken to a local French dog pound. No one knew his history and no one really cared. Without someone coming to help or reclaim him, he would soon be taken away and put to sleep – just like thousands of other unwanted, mistreated and unclaimed dogs.

But, fortunately for him someone did come – they took him home, cared for him, loved him and named him “Orfée”. Through this one act of compassion and kindness, the seed of hope for future dogs was sown and the French ‘Association Orfée’ was founded. It paved the way for many hundreds of dogs who have been helped and saved since that day in 2009, and our intention is to carry on saving as many “doggie” lives as possible.

Find out more here : or here



Gold and Alchemy

This Saturday’s wedding was another joint venture with our REPLAY chums.  Colleen performed during the Ceremony, The Candies entertained during the Vin D’honneur and REPLAY played after dinner.

The venue was in the north of the Dordogne in the village of Jumilhac Le Grand.  The village lies on the road followed by Richard the Lionheart and is also on one of the many branches of the Camino de Santiago pilgrim route.

The venue was the impressive Château de Jumilhac; a national monument with a rich history.  The castle was at first a 12th-century feudal fortress that has been rebuilt and increased many times; most notably in the 17th century during the Renaissance, when new roofs were added that are unique in France. These roofs have enhanced the reputation of the castle, also known as the “Black Pearl” of the Green Périgord for its distinctive black ridge tiles.

The first count of Jumilhac was an alchemist and whilst Gold and Alchemy was forbidden at the time, The Count left clues of his alchemy around the chateau.

Disaster almost ruined the day when Colleen suffered a tyre problem en-route but her Brother-in-law came to the rescue to ensure all was ready in time!  And whilst the weather didn’t play it’s part, today’s wedding was still fabulous… and what a beautiful bride!

A couple of footnotes… First a big hello to Lydia and Laura, brilliant wedding photgraphers and also the nicest folks you could wish to meet! And whilst maybe we shouldn’t blow our own trumpet our Fabulous Vintage set is always a huge hit at weddings… so if you’re looking for something a little bit different, totally fabulous and a little bit Vintage then you should get in touch!



Our Wedding this weekend was in the very beautiful Chateau de Cazanac nestled in the hills above Coux et Bigaroque in the heart of the Perigord Noir.  It was to be a busy day for music as Colleen sang during the ceremony, The Candies provided the music for the Vin D’honneur and REPLAY played for the evening party… and then we left our lights in situ so that the wedding party could dance until dawn!

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With These Clogs…

It’s August and that means if you’re a musician working in France you are going to be crazy busy… but YEAH!  We love to be busy!

Over this last week we’ve had a wedding, an anniversary party and a special evening to celebrate the opening of a restaurant/bar… travelling from the north of the Dordogne, down to the Gers and then north again into the Deux Sevres!


At the last gig we met some wonderful folks that waited patiently for our performance… in the unseasonal rain; we had to love their commitment to The Candies!  And at the end of the evening a couple from Holland (who also asked us if we’d go to Holland) gave Lynn a pair of minature clogs… They told us we had to keep them with us when we gig and that they will bring us good luck!  Lets say we’re going to follow that advice… we like long distance travel so maybe they’ll bring us a few more international bookings!

We have a few days rest now, actually a week’s holiday before two more weddings and a campsite… but these Candies wouldn’t have it any other way!



Rain Didn’t Stop Play

Back in January we were contacted by La Charrue; a Dordogne restaurant, holiday complex and campsite that hosts many great music events throughout the summer.  We were really pleased to get the booking because this is a really popular music venue and they’ve built a great outdoor stage and eating/dancing area in their grounds.

Our plan was to start with a few of our Fabulously Vintage songs as guests settled and ate their dinner… and then glide into Motown and Disco as the night progressed.

But then the weather changed. It rained and rained for 4 days (it felt like 40!).  We kept our fingers crossed for sunshine but Friday arrived and still the rain continued.   We  waited for the call to postpone but instead La Charrue told us they never cancel and instead they moved us inside.

Storms and torrential rain continued and we half expected to be singing to ourselves but not at all!  The restaurant filled and folks danced and sang the night away with us.  We genuinely had a wonderful evening.  Folks your enthusiasm and kind words are the fuel that keeps us singing and apparently we will be back again sometime in the future!



Here are some of the kind words that appeared on Facebook after the party…

These girls are just fab! They’re the whole package, fun, talented, energetic. They will make any party go with a swing!

We had a great time last night at La Charrue music was absolutely brilliant very professional everyone danced the night away the sign of a good Trio and the food too was delish!!!!!!!

What a FANTASTIC NIGHT we’ve had …Candy Stripes we’re BRILLIANT …….please watch this space as we will definately be having them back

It was a great night, one of the best yet….and that’s saying something!!

Fanbloodytastic x

Fabulous night. XXXXX

We must have the Candy Stripes back, they are such fun and so talented.

I loved loved loved the evening 😀 must book another xx

Great Food, Great Music, Great Company, Great Entertainment La Charrue does it Again…

And here’s a little video made up from the mobile phone footage we’ve been sent.  Many Thanks La Charrue for a great evening!

Dinner Anyone?

Whilst The Candies play at lots and lots of weddings and parties, we also play at a number of restaurants and smaller summer events in our own corner of France.

This week we had two such events.  The first was for a very lovely crowd of diners at a restaurant just outside of Ruffec and the second was for a fabulous little venue just outside Verteillac in the Dordogne.

It’s been very very hot all week so both get-ins were a struggle… but made much easier with ice cold cokes for three!

Singing whilst folks eat is very different than our full party set;  we start slow and build the evening up… thankfully for us, folks love our music and by the end of the evenings we had them dancing, swaying and singing along with us!

Thanks to all involved for two very wonderful evenings.. and for our amazing suppers!!

The Petal Marquee

Today was a joint gig with our friends at REPLAY.  The happy couple had chosen REPLAY-Chilled for their Ceremony and Champagne and then for something a little different they went with The Candies for their party… and because this wedding had it all, they followed us with a disco!

The venue was the very pretty Domaine de Grolhier;  an imposing, 18th century private estate, nestled in the middle of 5 hectares of private land and next to a large migrating bird sanctuary; the lake Grolhier… in the north of the Dordogne.

We were joined, not only by REPLAY, but by George at Photobooths France and also the very talented and lovely people at La Bonne Fete (Dordogne)… and it was their fabulous Petal Marquee that was to be our home for the evening.

Luke and Linzi were the most laid back of couples and their friends and family welcomed us and danced and sang along to our music.  The folks at the Domaine couldn’t have been nicer and even George saved a spot for us in the booth.

If you’re looking for a a more laid back wedding, that is nonetheless fabulous, then maybe you should visit Grolhier… a very special place indeed!