Clubhouse Brossac

When The Candies first started in 2016 we were asked to perform at the opening of the Clubhouse at the Etang Vallier Resort near Brossac.  We weren’t totally ready, it was a few months sooner than we had intended, but it felt like a good idea.

It would be fair to say that on that first night there might have been one or two songs that were a smidge under-rehearsed but no matter because the audience loved us and our music.  We were invited back… not once… not twice… nor three times… or four times…. but five times!

Folks continue to love our music and our friends at Brossac have watched us grow.  However all good things must come to an end and last night was the last night at the Clubhouse.  The Candies would like the thank the incredible Brossac team and all the new friends that we have made; your support has been amazing!  And we would like to wish Thomas and Sam our best wishes with their new adventures.


Candy Knights

b7It’s high summer and Music Monday at the Etang Vallier Resort Clubhouse… so obviously that means a Disco Diva Dance Party!

However, the weather was not playing ball today; France Meteo had issued an Orange Alert for storms and heavy rain starting at around 11:00 pm. After a flurry of emails it was agreed that we would move our party inside the clubhouse.

The weather might have been dampening our spirits but the good folks of Brossac and Etang Vallier did not… these folks love to party!

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