Busy Repeating…

September is usually a quieter month… the peak wedding season is over and as the school holidays draw to an end then things calm down a little… HAHA!  Not for Candies!

We’ve had a busy, busy month and last week we had two repeat visits… another party night a La Charrue and a trip back to Bordeaux.

What can we say?!  We love our job… and there are still a few more parties to go before we take a little autumn holiday… and prepare for Christmas and 2018!


Bordeaux Again…

It seems like The Candies might be travelling to Bordeaux more often;  as we were again invited to sing on the AmaDolce when she docked on the Quai de Chatrons in Bordeaux.  This is a beautiful boat and she is the perfect place for an evening cabaret… and it gives us a really great excuse to don our sequins!

We boarded at seven, were given our cabin and invited to help ourselves to coffee or drinks; we were offered dinner but it’s not ideal to sing with a full stomach so we opted for coffee and a cookie… and it was so good we had seconds!

Tonight we mixed things up a little… a little bit of vintage, a little bit of a motown and a little bit of disco… and it was a hit.  We had a wonderful evening, in the company of some wonderful people.  After the show we got to chat to a few of the guests who suggested that The Candies should visit the US… and The Candies said… never say never!

p.s. Bordeaux is a beautiful city too… everyone should go and visit!