The Candy Stripes and parties are a match made in heaven.  If you’re hosting a special celebration and you’re looking for great vocals and music that will bring your party to life then look no further.

You have the choice of two great music styles to choose from :

Fabulously Vintage

1 x 90 Minute Set or 1 x 120 Minute Set

Vintage-Party-MusicAdd a touch of vintage glamour to you event.  The fabulously vintage set combines classic 40s vintage harmonies with a touch of Motown and modern vintage hits.

Think Boogie Woogie, My Girl, Blue Moon, Something Stupid or In the Mood… you get the idea!

This music is perfect for an afternoon event, or pre-dinner entertainment… It sets the scene for the rest of your event and adds just the right amount of sparkle.

Evening Cabaret

2 x 60 Minute Sets (can be offered as 1 x 120 Minute Set)

disco-dancing-partyThe Candies evening party set is high energy and pack full of huge hits from across the decades. With it’s roots in classic Motown and Disco hits, the song list is guaranteed to get folks singing and dancing.

The aim is simple, to create a party that your guests will remember for all the right reasons !

If you want an amazing set list, lights, lasers, sequins and lipstick then the girls won’t disappoint!

Extend the Party

Lights & Speaker Leave + Playlist via ipad if needed


The Candies are singers not DJ’s but they do have an impressive display of lights… and can provide the means to plug in and play your perfect playlist of recorded songs.

Ask about the PA Leave option and you can end the night with your very own disco… and that’s called ‘having your cake and eating it’!