LOVE this!

We’ve had some amazing parties over the last week! A fabulously fun 40th in an amazing Manoire near Sarlat, a simply stunning wedding in one of Bordeaux’s many wine Chateaux, a fun filled evening at a hugely popular campsite in the Perigord Vert and of course we have another 5* evening on the AmaDolce… and to top it all we also received  this amazing review!  #bestjobever

I recently had the amazing trio sing at my 40th birthday in the Dordogne. Working with Colleen was a dream, easy and stress free. The girls were such a fantastic and key part of the evening. Their voices, energy, costumes, and set up were amazing. We had multiple dance parties with the dinner party getting up between the main course and the dessert to dance away as they couldn’t resist. I can’t thank The Candy Stripes enough for making the party such fun. We loved them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trio with great voices, lots of energy and a fantastic collection of songs.


Fab View… Fab Review

We LOVE that folks LOVE The Candies ❤

  • We had another fabulous evening on board the Amadolce; we really feel that we’re part of their team now… and that’s quite a special feeling!
  • And a beautiful lady sent us a beautiful reference
  • And… we were asked to perform at an amazing villa in Italy… oooh but we’re already booked… but they want to try and book us another time maybe!

Did we mention we LOVE our job!?

A couple of weeks ago I hired The Candy Stripes to play at my home for my wedding anniversary party for 50 people, they were fantastic and everyone danced and sang along to their music.

The are very professional, setting up efficiently and quietly in the background and they entertained my guests for just under 3 hours.

I would highly recommend them for a party/afternoon or evening event and if you look at their website you can see the type of songs they sing.

I hope you have a great party and I know it will be made even more special by using “the Candies”


June Bugs

Summer has arrived in South West France… although someone has yet to tell Mother Nature (we wonder if she’s still sleeping off what seems to be a rather long winter!)  But no matter… it’s June and the roses are blooming and our busy season is well underway.

And we do love to be busy which is just as well because as well as singing with The Candies we each are involved in other groups and tend to be on the road, or singing, or rehearsing or just generally being creative… in short it’s a great time to be a musician in France.

Here’s a few photos from our last couple or weeks… the last video is from a FABULOUS 30th Wedding Anniversary party last night.  I only say this because someone mentioned that they didn’t realise we performed at private parties… so we wanted to say we do 🙂  We love these evenings; so if you’re planning a big event then drop us a line… The Candies love a good party ❤


Old Friends… New Friends

A few years ago The Candies were asked to ‘open’ the season at The Clubhouse at Etang Vallier Resort in the Charente.  It would be fair to say that it was a good night!  Subsequently, we’ve been invited back many times and actually have a very nice little Candy Fan club there… so it was great to be back again in 2018 and start the summer season with a BANG!


If you’ve never visited then you should… You’ll find The Clubhouse beside a beautiful lake, surrounded by fabulously sandy beaches.  This resort is brilliant for families too.

We arrived and installed our stage and chatted with old friends before belting out a few tunes!  Needless to say it was a GREAT evening!  We took two possible bookings from new friends (and fans) and we’re booked to return a couple more times in the summer… so we’ll see you all again very soon!

Thanks for making us feel so LOVED ❤


here’s a little snippet filmed on a phone… we can’t stop smiling at the happy chap at the end 😀

Easter Bunnies

Yeah! The Candies are back from our respective spring holidays and we’re back on the fabulous AmaDulce in Bordeaux.  Tonight we joined the ship at Bourg sur Gironde, a pretty little vineyard town on the banks of the Gironde estuary. We’re thrilled to be part of the Ama Entertainment crew again this year and keen to perform our new AMA set.

We were welcomed aboard and told that our audience tonight were wine growers from California… and what a fabulous group they were!

It would be fair to say that our guests started dancing from the very first song and kept the dance floor full all night… and they sang along with us too.  We do love our job but goodness it’s even more fabulous when we receive such a rousing response!

Happy Easter everyone; we hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!


p.s. here’s some feedback from our Facebook page…

Thanks Ladies for a great night of entertainment on our 🚢 cruise!! Loved the Motown and Disco music that got our group on our feet!! Awesome time!

You three were AWESOME! Come back!!!

The Candy Stripes almost undocked the boat! You were amazing💕💕💕

The Candies LOVE Ama ❤

Fabulous First

The Candies don’t normally perform in January or February (well apart from Valentine’s day of course ❤ ) but for today’s birthday boy we made an exception.

The party was being held in the north of the Dordogne near the little village of Saint Pardoux la Riviere… and being close to the Riviere was a little bit of a concern as there has been very heavy rain for a week and many rivers have burst their banks.

However, we needn’t have worried as the evening went without a hitch and our hosts and their guests danced and sang the night away with us… and this morning we woke to find another 5* review on our Facebook page…

Wonderful night, wonderful group.  The Candy Stripes voices, energy, song choice, and smiles – all were all fantastic. At one point they had literally every able- and less able-bodied person up on the dance floor. Anyone who’s ever hosted a party knows how great and rare that is! Encore!

We do love a good party!


2017 and all that

Wow! It’s been quite a year for The Candies!  We started 2017 thinking that we’d worked really hard in 2016 and we were hoping to reap the rewards.  It’s always difficult starting a new group… you have to prove yourselves and build your reputation and that can take time but we’d made a great start and we were feeling very positive.

We certainly didn’t anticipate what followed!  It started with our AMAZING three days on board the super yacht NERO at the Barcelona International Yacht Show and it ended with a residency aboard one the the 5* ships in Bordeaux.  In between we’ve had weddings and parties that have seen us travelling across France, we’ve covered 1000’s of kilometres and stayed and performed in some amazing venues,  we’ve met beautiful people from around the globe, said goodbye to Lynn and welcomed the fabulous Lora and picked up an agent to represent us!  We could not have predicted the year we’ve had!

2018 has a lot to live up to and our diary is filling up nicely with more fabulous Candy adventures.  To make sure we’re ready we’ve been super busy changing and updating our song list.  We’re keeping the most popular songs of course,  we’ve added some new fabulous dance floor fillers and we’ve thrown in a handful of contemporary hits too, to ensure we have something for everyone.  And… we’re finally going into the studio in January 2018 and our recordings and video will be ready shortly after.

The Candies have big plans but we know that we could not have come this far without the support and kind words of our friends, families and Candy fans… honestly we can’t tell you how much your encouragement and enthusiasm has meant to us.

We would like to raise a glass to you all and say thank you very, very much and wish you all a fabulous Christmas filled with champagne, sequins, music and joy…  and we’ll be seeing you in 2018!