Day Out at Boutonne Rouge

Lots of people have expressed an interest in booking The Candy Stripes for their weddings and parties but the one question we’re always asked is “do you have a demo?”

Even though we’ve only been together for a short time, we can now happily answer YES!  Take a look at our website and you’ll see a few tracks that we recorded yesterday at The Boutonne Rouge recording studio near Ruffec… I’ve loaded them below too so you can’t miss them.

It was an early start for us, collecting Candies as we drove north and singing Christmas carols in the car on the way to warm up our voices.

We arrived at the studio with 5 minutes to spare (thanks to Lynn’s navigation which has to be said is far better than Dawn’s).  Kenny and Zoe made us welcome, provided copious amounts of tea, coffee, soft drinks and even a little cidre with our lovely lunch.

Kenny and Zoe are both fabulous musicians themselves, so we were all a little nervous but that didn’t last too long.  Kenny settled us in the recording booth and the music started and well… we felt it would have been rude not to sing along, especially when Zoe and Nelson (the cat) started dancing.

We recorded 5 songs and left with our demo CD’s in hand… happy that this was another job successfully completed!

HUGE thank you to Boutonne Rouge; see you again in the spring for the album.


p.s. there are 5 songs but you may need to use the little scoll bar to see all the tracks

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